Saturday, August 18, 2012

Maisie Shine - Fantasia

Sot his is my second experience with an indie nail polish designer and I absolutely LOVE this polish!!!!

This is Maisie Shine's Fantasia!!!

When I picked this up at her Etsy Store (CHECK THEM OUT HERE!) I figured it looked great in the picture and I had to try it for myself.  Actually I tried on our mom first, then repeated it on myself.  :)

On Etsy she showed pictures with two coats so I started with one...

Hmmm...definitely getting some glitter in there and the blue is coming through but not enough.  I then applied the second coat and BAM!

A whole different story!!  I think it looks great - this is with no top coat and it was already so shiny!

I then added top coat...

Oh that is MORE LIKE IT!!!!!

Overall I love this polish.  The glitter lays flat and the sheen is amazing!  Two coats and you have an amazing cobalt blue, glittery polish.  I have heard this is the it color right now.  I'm actually wearing a blue shirt in almost the exact color.  See?

So please check out Maisie Shine's etsy shop and buy some of her polish!  If this one is so gorgeous I can imagine the rest would be too.

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