Thursday, August 23, 2012

Different Dimensions - Fifty Shades of Grey Collection Part 1 - 50 Shades

So I decided I needed more indie nail polish.  I was wandering around Etsy and came across Different Dimension.  She had a glitter collection of four bottles inspired by the Fifty Shades of Grey series.  While I have read the series, twice, it is a guilty pleasure read.  By no means is it a great piece of literature, but it sure will keep you reading.  Then regretting that you read it.  Then you move on to book 2 and 3.  Then before you know it you have downed at bottle of wine, you finished all three books in a weekend and your husband can no longer walk...


Anyway - here is the whole collection (and one of her necklace she makes as well)...

From left to right...50 Shades, Red Room of Pain, Inner Goddess, more...

She also puts a QR code on the back of the bottles so when you scan them it takes you right to her Etsy store...clever huh???

So I decided to put on a base coat though in her Etsy store you get full coverage with two coats.  She describes this polish as:

"This polish is packed with tons of amazing glitter in a grey jelly base! There are black & white shreds, gunmetal & matte grey hex glitter, superfine grey flakies, black hex, holographic silver squares, as well as black, sparkling white, holographic silver ultrafine glitter and holographic grey glitter!"

So of course I started with 50 Shades.

Here comes the photo bomb!

Revlon Timeless and 50 Shades by Different Dimension

One coat

Two coats and final product.

This glitter polish is very thick.  It has tons of sparkle and the grey jelly base really covers.  Unfortunately, I tried to make dinner too soon after applying my fast drying top coat and I messed it all up.  No fault of the polish, but the fault of the wearer and the impatience to feed her family...


RIP 50 Shades manicure.  Until we meet again.

Stay tuned for the rest of the collection!!!!!!

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