Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tipsy Turvy Nails Giveaway!!

We are so close to 50 likes on our Facebook page, that we decided TTN needs a little love. So, what better way to do that than to give away one of our bottles of polish!

This is a quick giveaway, so enter now!!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Tipsy Turvy Nails - Tobin & Miles

This is a Special Edition polish.

October 15th in Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.  I designed this polish in memory of my twin boys, Tobin and Miles, who came into to this world too early and left before I could hold them in my arms.  I miscarried them at 16 weeks on November 16, 2011.

The Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Ribbon is pink and blue and sometimes has butterflies associated with the ribbon, like this...
This polish has pink and blue glitter, pink holo butterflies and blue diamonds and darker blue hearts.

You do have to fish to get the goodies out of the bottle a little bit but I'm really happy with how it came out.

I decided to put a couple coats over a few different colors and I think it looks great on all of them.

I hope you enjoy.

Two coats

Two coats

One coat

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Featured Manicure from Lustrous Lacquer!

Checkout our Facebook for the details. This manicure is features on our page from one of our followers!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tipsy Turvy Nails - Pretty Pink Panties

So, since we have our own nail polish line now (Tipsy Turvy Nails)  I figured I would review one of our creations.  I'm just going to give a description and then let you decide for yourselves, since I'm obviously biased.  :)

So here she is...Pretty Pink Panties.

"This polish is made up of hot pink mica and a reflective fuchsia mica along with some holo shine!"

My lighting was a bit wonky so I decided to take a picture of what they look like today in the fluorescent light of my office.  This is two days later...

This is actually the most accurate picture in terms of color.  I applied two coats and there is very little visible nail tip.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Zoya Pasha and butter LONDON Matte Finsh Top Coat

So I figured since I messed up my Julep Crackle manicure I would move on to Matte manicures!

I used Zoya's Pasha - a very shimmery beige-y color for my nails.  I love this.  It's so neutral and it goes one wonderfully.

I then put on a coat of the Matte Finish by butter LONDON and I really liked the subtlty of the manicure.  I figured I could wear this one to work and it would look great.

I went about my evening...made dinner, ate and then sat down to write out some bills about 45 minutes to an hour later.  I messed it up from writing with a pen.  My thumb got smudged!!  Kind of like the top crust, if you will, was super dry by between the polish and the nail wasn' never dried properly!

So my suggestion is to do you maincure and wait for it to dry naturally and then apply the Matte Finish Top won't run into any problems.

I actually put it on a week old pedicure to give me a different look and it's been fine!

Here come the photos!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Julep - Leslie and Glenda

I know there was a lot of buzz about this month's Julep Maven boxes...

Many people couldn't believe they were doing a crackle polish!!  I know I started doing crackle well over a year ago and haven't done it in ages!

I decided to pick the 'It Girl' box and give it a try.  I wouldn't be a true blogger if I didn't give my honest opinions on all polishes...

So here we have Leslie and Glenda.  Leslie is basically black with a touch of glitter in it.  Glenda being the silver crackle.  I did two coats on Leslie and it covered well. 

I disliked how Glenda went on and was unimpressed with how the crackle looked and the fact that it didn't dry under everything.  I ended up messing this manicure up pretty quickly even after 30 minutes had surpassed...

Glenda to me went on way too thick which hindered the crackle process.  Take a look for yourselves.

While I do love Julep's polish I just wasn't in love with the crackle.  They should stick to regular polish.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Elle - Imperial Purple

So I'm a Kohl's shopper.  I love my 30% off coupons and I love my Kohl's Cash.  This past week I had $20 in Kohl's Cash to spend and this was a painful trip to the store.  I could not decide on ANYTHING!!  The clearance section wasn't doing it for me...  Shoes...  Purses...  NADA!!

So while wandering around makeup I found a tiny section of nail polish made by Elle.

It was originally $10 a bottle but I had $20 in Kohl's Cash!  So with everything I picked up (a pair of earrings and some body spray perfume) I grabbed a bottle.  Cost me less than $10 when all was said and done.

I decided on Imperial Purple.  This polish is really nice.  It's a nice thick polish with really good coverage.  The color was difficult to catch in a picture though.  When it was bright out our you were in direct sunlight it was different from when you were inside.  So I took photos with and without the flash and even a photo outside.


Inside no flash

Inside flash

Inside flash

Inside flash

Outside no flash

Bonus picture of my Corgi, Jack.  :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Butter London - Bluey

Holy crap I love this color.  I took advantage of the Coterie Butter London deal and picked up this little gem...Bluey.

It went on like a DREAM!!  Great coverage and so much shimmer!!

Check it out!!!