Saturday, August 25, 2012

Julep Polish - Sandra and Chelsea

So my mother and I have been looking at these polishes made by Julep.  They go for $14.00 retail.  Way too much for me to pay, but there is always eBay!!

So off we went on a hunt for some bottles.  There were quite a few bidding wars but we finally got some.  Then we got some more...  And some more...  We ended up with like 12 bottles of Julep polish!!

My theory is if the polish is stinky it's a good polish.  Well this one does stink but it doesn't make the whole house smell.  My Mom offered her digits to try the first Julep polish.  We picked out Sandra, described by as a friendly, frosted magenta.  We opted for a glitter accent nail using Chelsea, described as violet, purple, and silver multi-dimensional glitter.

We also scored a bottle of their top coat.

So here are the players!

This polish goes on SO smooth and has a nice wide brush.  We did two coats of Sandra on all the nails and one good coat of Chelsea on the ring fingers.

It took my mom a minute to figure out how to hold the bottle but she makes a fine hand model.

Sandra by Julep

Chelsea by Julep

Ladies and gentlemen, let's give our lovely hand model a round of applause!!

Overall, I cannot wait to try the rest of the colors.  They are gorgeous and go on just wonderfully!!  Highly recommend as a splurge if you are looking for a high quality polish and don't mind spending a few bucks!


  1. I love Julep polishes! That's interesting about your smell theory. Not only have I had bad luck with smelly polishes, but I think Juleps barely have an odor! Funny! I am a Julep Maven member and have done well with referrals so I've only paid the company 1 penny so far! You should join, too :)

    1. I did join! Not sure how the referrals work though!

  2. Just so you know, Sandra stains. BADLY. But it's so beautiful.

    1. We removed it today after three days and it wasn't bad at all!!

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