Friday, August 10, 2012

A Magnetic Attraction

So I have to share a fantastic deal I got at the other day.  I have been DYING to trying magnetic nail polish.  The Sally Hansen stuff is like $9 a bottle at Target!  So I found on a set of four minis with magnet for $4.99.  You can order it here.

So I used our Mom as a guinea pig until I figured out how it worked.  I had read some reviews about making sure you put it on thick and holding the magnet there for a while to get the most dramatic effects.

I used the blue color called Polar Opposites on Mom's nails.

The first coat I did was too after the second coat I held the magnet over the nail and...voila!!!

You can see some subtle striping to the paint.  I was stoked!!  I found the best placement for the magnet was on my ring finger.  This was so I could use my finger to stabilize the magnet so I could hover right over the nail and not touch  it.


By the time I finished her nails they looked like this!!!

I love having her to try new things on.  :)

I felt confident that I could do this on my own nails and I decided to use the silver color called Put A Ring On It.

At first I thought the color was too light but after I did them all I fell in love!!!


I love the lines, I love the's so much fun!!!

So my recommendation is that for $4.99 it is TOTALLY worth trying it.  It's an inexpensive investment and it works really well!!  I can't wait to try the other two colors in the kit!!!

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