Monday, August 13, 2012

Daring Digits! Karen's 1st Indie Review!!

So excited!!!  I have been waiting do patiently for my first indie polish to arrive.

It's official...


How can regular people like you and me create such masterpieces???!!!!  I have never had something so fun and well made from a name brand polish company!!!  I could definitely go broke buying indie nail polish!!

So here we go!  First I need to thank Daring Digits for making this beautiful polish!!

It's called Ice Age and according to Daring Digits Etsy page, it is a combination of ice blue glitter and various sized white hexes.  I wanted to try this over black and white, but unlike my sister I didn't want to waste it doing swatches, so I just decided on a black and white manicure. 

So I painted my nails like this using e.l.f. Black and SinfulColors Snow Me White.  I figured this would showcase the glitter in different ways.  I knew the white polish would hide the white hexes but I still went ahead with the glitter.

This was one coat of went on really well!  And I apologize for the blurryness...sometimes iPhones aren't all they are cracked up to be... 

I fell in love with the glitter so much I had to get a second coat of it on my nails...I HAD TO!!!!

How fabulous do I look?!?!?  Seriously!!!  I know you all WANT this manicure!!! 

Check out Daring Digits and you can have these gorgeous looking nails too!!!!

Thanks Ashley!!!!  :)

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