Thursday, August 16, 2012

China Glaze - Fast Track - The Hunger Games Collection

This is Fast Track by China Glaze.  It is from the Capitol Colors Collection based on the The Hunger Games movie and book.  I got this on sale and I had to have it!!

It looks very beige in the bottle with maybe a little bit of shimmer to it.  Looks like it would be a very nice neutral.

Here is one coat...

Oooo, it's like GOLD!!!!!!!!  Time for another coat!!!

GAH!!!  IT'S SO SHIMMERY!!!!!!!  It has this amazing gold glitter effect in it.  Still a neutral but SO MUCH MORE!!!

I needed more photos!!!

Me with the bottle.

Me holding my water cup.

Me with a salt shaker.

Me holding a peach.

Me grabbing the door knob to our pantry.

If I could have found anything else to grab and photograph I would!  I am so in love with this neutral color.  It went on so smooth and not gloppy or anything!!!


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