Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Indie Polish Reviews are COMING!

Hello there!!

Happy August!!  

What an exciting month!  It's our first full month as bloggers and we have a TON in store!!  It's also going to be the conclusion of the Olympics in the next couple weeks.  We have already seen some great athleticism.

It's almost back to school time for some of the kiddos out there.  I know where I am they start back to school August 6th!!  Which is CRAZY!!!  When I was in school back East we sometimes didn't go back until after Labor Day in September!!!

Okay, back to what you all want to know...

We are going to be doing several reviews of Indie Polish!!  What is Indie Polish??  I'll tell you!!!

With all the crafty people out there these days, some people have taken the task upon themselves to create beautiful nail polishes and glitter top coats.  My sister and I have purchased a couple from Ashley at DaringDigits!  And I recently won a polish from Tisha at AbsolutLacquer!  As soon as we have received our swag we will go ahead and work on posting our reviews.

Hope you are all enjoying reading about our nail polish adventures.  My sister, Michelle, and I are really happy to do this.  It's been a blast and it's something we can do together even though we are on opposite ends of the country!!!

Thanks for reading!!!  :)


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