Thursday, September 13, 2012

Multi polish manicure w/ nail stamping featuring Pretty and Polished - Priivate School

Okay so this one was a multi-step mani!  But it came out awesome!!

I had gotten a mini of Pretty & Polished's Private School and I have been dying to try it out!  I felt it needed a base color though so I didn't have to put on too many coats.  I chose China Glaze's Hook and Like from the Capitol Colors Collection inspired by The Hunger Games.

So here is today's line up...

I chose to do the little wine glass stamp on my ring finger.  Here is a close up of the stamp design.

Here is a close up of the Hook and Line by China Glaze...since I was only needed a slight base color I only did one coat.  It's really pretty.  :)

On to the Private School by Pretty & Polished.  This polish is amazing!  It's described as a gray creme with black and white hex glitters surrounded in a sea of sparkly red micro glitter.  I bought this at her Etsy store.  I think it was the red micro glitter that got me.  Here comes the photo bomb!!!

The back of the mini bottle so you can see the details.
One coat - no flash
One coat - with flash - see the red glitter???
Two coats - no flash
Two coats - with flash!
Then I added my wine glass - which was subtle since there was white hex - but I knew it was there and I loved it!!

All in all I loved this glitter polish.  I had good coverage.  I didn't need to place anything, it all fell in the right places.  :)



  1. I really love the color combo! What stamp is that? Also I nominated your guys for the Liebster award! Follow the link to learn more about it!