Friday, September 7, 2012

Different Dimenision - Fifty Shades of Grey Collection - Red Room of Pain

So I was saving this one for a special occasion.  This Saturday my husband and I are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary.  (I love you, Todd!)  I decided to overhaul the finger and toes and when thinking about our upcoming weekend away (just going to Denver, about an hour away) I decided to do red toenails.  Classic red.  Then I remembered the Red Room of Pain. 

I debated putting it on my toes because I know what it takes to get glitter off of nails.  The foil wrapped around my piggies?!?!  Did I want to do that???  Would I rather choose Christian's Red Room of Pain than go through the process of removing glitter from my toes???

Obviously I went through with it.  Please excuse my overpainting on the toes.  As some of you know, it's work to get down there and get the too look pretty.  The look a tad dry, and there is some paint where it shouldn't be but it's all good!!

So I started with Essie's Jag-U-Are.  It's a gorgeous red shimmer.  Here it is and here are my toes...

It's a really nice red.

So I started with one coat of Red Room of Pain (WHICH I LOVE!!!)

I offered pretty good coverage from the get go.  But it wasn't ENOUGH sparkle.  We were planning on going to a fancy dinner so these toes needed to be Ah-MAZING!!!!

Coat two (sorry for the blurry iPhone doesn't take the greatest photos...that or it's user error).

I love them, and so does Todd. 

Over all a great polish!!!  Only one more review to go in the collection.  More...

Which I have used but I forgot to photograph it...I know...silly me...

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