Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My very first post!!

I am Michelle and I love painting my nails. For years, I bit my nails. Very recently, I wanted to have cute, pretty nails like everyone else. So, I figured if I can paint my nails on a regular basis, it will help me not nibble away. So, I started to explore the world of nail polish. I never knew there was so much. Crackle and glitter quickly became my new best friends. I think right now I have over 100 bottles of various polishes. Some were super cheap, some were not. All were chosen with love and awesomeness.

So, now I paint my nails every few days. There is no rhyme or reason...its whatever I feel at that moment.

My very first post is crackle. I scored a great deal at CVS a few months ago and got 4 bottles of Sally Hansen crackle for 75% off. Score!!

My first step in painting is base coat. Right now, I am using Orly Bonder. It is a rubberized formula that states it helps bond polish to your nail. I still get chips after a few days, so I can't say that it bonds, but I like it, and I own it...so I will use it.

I used a white base called White On The Spot (Milani Nail Laquer High Speed Fast Dry). They advertise as a 1 coat polish, but we all know that isn't the case...I used 2. This is a reasonably priced polish (under $5.00) and works pretty well. They have some hot neon colors too that I will be getting in the near future.

For the crackle, I chose the Sally Hansen Vintage Violet. Kind of a purple with a metallic hint. At least it looks that way in the bottle. It just looks purple on. But, still cool and cost me almost nothing, so what is not to love.

Finally,  always use a top coat. I am using Orly In a Snap. It doesn't dry that fast, and your nails will stay tacky for a while. But, I own it...therefore I will use it.

Nails are a hit or miss art. You can't tell if the polish will be good or bad until you try it.

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