Sunday, July 29, 2012

Go Team USA!!

I was watching the women's swimming qualifications this morning on the 2012 London Olympics.  If you didn't know the Olympics are on you must be living under a rock.  If you live under a rock you probably don't have a computer or Internet, so you probably aren't reading nevermind!!  :)

I noticed that many of the swimmers had their nails painted and some with some very patriotic nail art!  So that inspired me to show my patriotic side.

I started to rifle through my box of nail polish to see what I had for colors.  I found a blue by SinfulColors called Love Nails and a red by ELF called Red Velvet.  Not the exact shades I wanted but they will have to do!

So here's today's line up...

My base and top coat by Seche, my blue, my red and my stamping white.

Now it's on to find my stamping inspiration...

In the middle is a French manicure tip with little stars...I'll put this over the blue.

In the middle on the bottom are some diagonal stripes.  This will go over the red.

So I decide to do the ever popular accent nail on my ring fingers.  So I paint all my nails red except for the ring fingers.  I do those in blue.


So the nail stamping itself proved to be very challenging.  I had redo several was quite frustrating.

My cotton ball was looking patriotic but my nails didn't...

But I kept with it, like a true US Olympian would and got this!!

It's not perfect but I think it looks great!!

Just goes to show if your nails don't turn out the way you want the first time around just stick with it and it will get better!!!!


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