Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Elle - Imperial Purple

So I'm a Kohl's shopper.  I love my 30% off coupons and I love my Kohl's Cash.  This past week I had $20 in Kohl's Cash to spend and this was a painful trip to the store.  I could not decide on ANYTHING!!  The clearance section wasn't doing it for me...  Shoes...  Purses...  NADA!!

So while wandering around makeup I found a tiny section of nail polish made by Elle.

It was originally $10 a bottle but I had $20 in Kohl's Cash!  So with everything I picked up (a pair of earrings and some body spray perfume) I grabbed a bottle.  Cost me less than $10 when all was said and done.

I decided on Imperial Purple.  This polish is really nice.  It's a nice thick polish with really good coverage.  The color was difficult to catch in a picture though.  When it was bright out our you were in direct sunlight it was different from when you were inside.  So I took photos with and without the flash and even a photo outside.


Inside no flash

Inside flash

Inside flash

Inside flash

Outside no flash

Bonus picture of my Corgi, Jack.  :)

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